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Success diary: how to stop procrastinating doing college homework

Most people have at least one skill when it comes to getting work done, the ability to procrastinate in just about any scenario. Don’t worry, many experts believe that procrastinators are actually capable of getting more work done that the average person, though most managers may disagree with this theory.

As a student, it is natural for you to have an unlimited number of things that are way more interesting than completing your homework, however, your future is important too. Taking the first steps towards eradicating procrastination is recognizing that you do it, then finding ways to counteract your natural tendencies to find ways of avoiding your work. Consider the following simple tricks to help you stop procrastinating when doing your college homework:

  1. Complete assignments at school
  2. Working at school is one of the easiest ways to get work done in the smallest amount of time. Why, you may ask? Well firstly, most of the lessons are fresh in your mind and most assignments deal directly with the lessons taught during the day. Spend your extra time at school completing the exercises that you can and leave the rest for later, it will make your home duties much more manageable.

  3. Work with your classmates
  4. You’re at school all day and quite often, you will have the odd free period. These periods can be used to work together with your friends, since they should have the same assignments as you do. You may also be able to join an active study group, if you lucky, there will be a few already at your school.

  5. Study at a library
  6. Studying at a library can provide you with two valuable things, a calm, quiet environment and access to may forms of information media. With these two things, you can easily get into the right frame of mind to get your studies done.

  7. Hire a private tutor
  8. Private tutors can provide you with the structure you are accustomed to, simply arrange with them to have sessions in which the help you with your assignments.

  9. Make use of educational videos
  10. The internet has many informative videos for you to view and make use of. With a quick search on your favorite free streaming site, you will find many videos to help you with your studies.

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