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Summer Break Homework: 5 Arguments Why Do You Have to Do It

A lot of schools assign homework over the holidays for good reasons. This post points out why these assignments make sense.

  1. Perpetual learning.
    Summer assignments are significant because it fills the gap between school and home. It is a mirror through which parents observe their kid’s learning patterns. As kids advance in education, they learn the importance of homework and develop a positive attitude towards school. In the end, it ensures that knowledge gained during the school terms don’t slip away in the course of summer activities.
  2. Enrichment opportunity.
    One constructive objective of vacation assignments is to encourage practice and participation in school work. This improves the chances of a student attaining high grades in the subsequent term. It also increases a child’s knowledge so that they can master basic academic and life skills. If a student is struggling with their studies, vacation assignments are perfect forums for catching up. No parent wants to see their kids lagging behind in their classwork. If a pupil performs poorly, the best thing a parent can do is consult with the teacher to find solutions during off-school days.
  3. Development of personal skills.
    Apart from boosting academic performance, assignments help students nurture time management skills. This creates a sense of responsibility as the pupil gathers the necessary information to complete the tasks in time. It therefore becomes a positive aspect of a child’s life.
  4. Fostering parent – child relationship.
    Summer homework is not only a school-based role but also an opportunity for parents to assess what their children earn in school. By keeping parents updated with what their kids learn in school, holiday assignments act as public relations tools. It is one of the bridges that join teachers and parents. Teachers have a role to monitor the individual progress of their pupils whereas parents appreciate school work through their kid’s academic achievements. So, giving assignments for during vacations is essential in enhancing family relationships.
  5. Discouraging laziness.
    Over-break school work keeps pupils busy. The present world has a lot of entertainment which can have negative effects on kids who are not engaged with constructive work. Staring at the screens throughout the holiday is one way that makes students forget what they learnt in school. In as much as children love video games, tablets, TV cartoon shows, and movies, parents have to limit the time they spend on these things. And homework is one of the remedies that keep children occupied.

Whether to give summer holiday homework or not is a debatable topic among teachers, parents, and students. Even though some schools are against it, statistics show that students who continue with their learning over the holidays do better in than those who don’t.

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